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Desiree Riley

Course Developer

Desiree “Dezi Speaks” Riley (Philadelphia, PA) is an author, artist, mompreneur, visionary, and graduate of The Ohio State University with a focus on helping to shape this world into a better place for everyone. Her most recent work includes the book Felony to Freedom: Journey to Liberating an Incarcerated Mind and international single FORWARD featuring Grammy-Award winning Iman Omari. Dezi spends most of her time traveling the globe, homeschooling, and tending to her work as The Well-Being Specialist. She is also the owner and operator of multiple community-oriented businesses and an entrepreneurship-centered non-profit.

Felony to Freedom: Journey to Liberating an Institutionalized Mind

In February 2012, Desiree was your typical graduate student when on a late night road trip to Chicago, her life changed forever. Things were going as planned until the adventure ended with her being detained by the DEA, separated from her young son, and faced with a sentence of spending the next decade behind bars. As a young mother, her family’s lives were instantly turned upside down.