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    1. Entrepreneurship - It's a Fact!

    2. What are Income and Expenses? Finance 101

    3. Cha-Ching - Entrepreneur

    4. These Kids Have Their Own Business

    5. Kid Entreprenuer

    6. 10-Year-Old CEO Makes BANK!

    7. 13-Year-Old Clothing Designer For NBA PLAYERS & RAPPERS!

    8. Kidspreneurship Business Plan Worksheet (Download)


    10. How To Be An Inventor!

    11. Assignment 1

    1. VentureLab Workbook (Download)

    2. 16-Year-Old Dropout Is CEO of Company Potentially Worth Millions

    3. Product Design Student

    4. What Is Industrial Design?

    5. Industrial Design Thesis Show

    6. 13-Year-Old CEO REINVENTED The Skateboard


    8. How to Start a Small Business as a Teenager with NO Money

    9. 14-Year-Old CEO Has Sold $6 Million Of CANDY!

    10. Empowering Students With Design Thinking

    11. Design Survey

    1. Kid Engineer: Walker Wheeler

    2. Teen Sisters Sold $20 MILLION Of Bath Bombs!

    3. New Product Development Showcase

    4. Meet the 9-year-old CEO

    5. Youth Creating their Own Enterprises

    6. The Innovation Cycle

    7. 22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth

    8. Easy Business Ideas For Kids + Products to Sell!

    9. The YOUNGEST DJ In The World

    10. Dance Monkey - Street Performance

    11. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing

    1. 11 Tips on Starting a Kid Youtube Channel

    2. Introduction To Marketing For Kid Entrepreneurs

    3. 4Ps Of Marketing For Youth Entrepreneurship

    4. Gumball | Darwin's Potato Diet

    5. Finding Customers - Business Training for Kids

    6. How to design successful brand identity for kids product?

    7. Teen Millionaires: the Young Entrepreneurs Running Successful Businesses

    8. Ryan’s Recycled 750,000 Bottles & Cans!

    9. 16-Year-Old Self Made CEO From Her SECRET Sauce Recipe!

    10. Taiwanese kids launch NFTs as a new way to promote and sell artwork digitally

    11. Marketing Quiz

    1. The Evolution of Money

    2. Basics Of Finance For Youth Entrepreneurship

    3. What is Profit? - Business Training for Kids

    4. 19-Year-Old CEO Created A MILLION Dollar Beauty EMPIRE!

    5. Profit Explained for Children

    6. 13-Year-Old Invented BLESSING BAGS

    7. It's a Money Thing: Living On Your Own

    8. Budgeting for Kids

    9. It's A Money Thing: Organizing Your Finances

    10. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Explained

    11. Blockchain for Kids

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